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IDesign’s Master Classes are usually 5 days of hands-on training, and are the world’s most intensive, most comprehensive technical leadership training classes. There is simply no substitute for being trained by the world's leading experts in the subject, and the IDesign architects offer a profound insight on the technology, the design, and the team. The material presented goes well beyond anything that you can find using conventional training sources often presenting IDesign's original techniques and breakthroughs. In addition to the frontal presentations, the classes use lab exercise and numerous conceptual demos and original tools and utilities. The demos are useful not only in training but afterwards, serving as a starting point for new projects, and as a rich reference and resource for samples.


The Architect’s Master Class is a 5 days training, and is the ultimate resource for the professional architect. The class has three parts, on process, technology & SOA, and the IDesign method for analysis and design. The class shows the architect how to take an active leadership role on all three aspects, as a continuum, since when executing a design, one cannot separate process from design from technology – all three have to work in concert. While the class shows how to design modern systems, it sets the focus on the ‘why’ and the rationale behind particular design decisions, often shedding light on poorly understood aspects. You will see relevant design guidelines, best practices, and pitfalls, and the crucial process required of today’s modern architects. Don’t miss on this unique opportunity to learn and improve your architecture skills with IDesign Europe, and share their passion for architecture and software engineering.


The Architecture Clinic is a highly interactive event where you will architect several systems, most of them based on real-world problems brought in by the Clinic’s participants. The Clinic will be run by an IDesign Master Architect who will teach you the thought process and the rationale behind the design decisions. The Clinic will shorten your learning curve through our years of deep industry experience, and provide a perfect forum for focused, high calibre discussions and mentorship.


The Advanced Architect's Master Class is dedicated to the crucial act of project design. The class shows how to mechanize project design, making it repeatable, not a craft but rather a deterministic engineering effort. Throughout the class, IDesign Europe will reveal the "secret sauce" techniques that we use when designing a project: the steps, the interactions, the dynamics, the accurate modeling, the complexity reductions, the metrics, the rationale behind the intuition and experience, original templates, the "stuff" that always gives our customers an asymmetric advantage. The class bridges the divide between the architect and the project manager, and how to bring together the architecture, the process and the project, but most importantly, the people behind it, like never before. The class is designed for a pair of project manager and an architect from the same project, training them to work together. Don’t miss on this unique opportunity to learn and improve your project design skills with IDesign Europe, gain from our extensive experience of numerous projects design and profound insight on architecture, the process and its application. More on project design in general is available here.


The Project Design Clinic is designed to guide and accelerate your exposure to the practices of modern software project design. As attendees of the Project Design Master Class realize, the body of knowledge of project design is as wide and as deep as all of system architecture and what we shared during the Master Class was just the beginning. The Project Design Clinic follows up the Project Design Master Class with a week long immersion and practice of project design where we share our experience across hundreds of projects and years of teaching project design.

During this clinic, you will practice even the more advanced project design techniques such as risk modeling, exclusion zones or network of networks, all as required by the project at hand. You will also learn how to quickly pivot between project design options, how to respond to constraints, how to choose and recommend an option as the IDesign Master Architect conducting the clinic guides you the thought process and the rationale behind each design decision.


The class focuses on modeling architectures using Azure Functions. The model of the architecture is what in the IDesign Method is known as the Vertical Slice.

The class works through three real-world case studies. We discuss the chosen architectures, the volatilities that lead to the architectures and how the chosen approach encapsulated the identified volatile areas. We then show how the vertical slices were built using Azure Functions. We end the week with an Architecture Clinic where we design the system including the Vertical Slice using the IDesign Method.