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IDesign’s Master Classes are usually 5 days of hands-on training, and are the world’s most intensive, most comprehensive technical leadership training classes. There is simply no substitute for being trained by the world's leading experts in the subject, and the IDesign architects offer a profound insight on the technology, the design, and the team. The material presented goes well beyond anything that you can find using conventional training sources often presenting IDesign's original techniques and breakthroughs. In addition to the frontal presentations, the classes use lab exercise and numerous conceptual demos and original tools and utilities. The demos are useful not only in training but afterwards, serving as a starting point for new projects, and as a rich reference and resource for samples.

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Change your organization in 100 days

The objective or the organisational design course is to equip Business integrators, COO’s and CFO’s with the tools to deliver the CEO’s vision. To support the top table with the Knowledge, skills, tools and processes to meet the market opportunity your CEO has chosen. Never has there been a better time to accelerate your organisation, technology and processes can be re-imagined, better faster stronger, make your organisation attractive to your customers and make it easy to buy your products and services. How hard is it to sell chocolate, so build products and services that are easy to sell. This course is about equipping you with the skills and tools to grow. A must for all senior stakeholders.


The first 100 days

The Leadership Program is all about you. The program is initiated by a 7-day immersion into processes, personal identities, negotiation skills, project tactics and career strategies. During the week we will also setup the next 100 days of your career which includes bi-weekly mentoring and assignment of a support mesh of senior architects and handpicked star Alumni to ensure that you will not face the task of transforming your career and perhaps your organization alone.

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