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September 7-11, London

Ford Motor company, Ford management set themselves a quantifiable goal: to reduce the number of clerks working in accounts payable by a couple of hundred employees. When they realised that Mazda, who they owned at the time had 5 employees working in accounts payable and ford had over 500.
Whether you are building your organisation or inheriting a complex one. You need the tools to maximise the efficiency of your people. How to reduce your head count. How to build better relationships with your suppliers and customers. How to differentiate and position your organisation as a leader.

The journey and its roadmap

Whether you are establishing your organisation, growing your organisation, moving from an entrepreneurial position to a systematic efficient machine, maturing, commoditising, re-inventing, or in a transformation phase where your market has moved and your offering is for the old market. Your journey is about progress and achieving the next target, while defeating the sequential list of challenges that life throw at organisations. You need to know what the road ahead looks like.

Capability Design

Learn to define where your customers engage and what support is required for their love affair to start. Define where your differentiators are and where not to invest because it add no commercial value.
Demand management 
Define what your actual demand is and how it manifests. Understand what your clients are actually asking for and what is required to exceed their expectations.

Capability Planning

In order to meet your new well defined demand, Produce your plan and load test it before release. Ensure you can deliver against the demand. Ensuring the challenges are well understood and achievable. 


Don’t just trust to luck when it comes to staffing. The right processes and tools are needed even with the best individuals. Understand what skills you have within your capability. What seasons will challenge yo


COOs tasked with organizational change.


London, UK


£ 4500 ex VAT

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