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June 24-28, 2024 - Zurich

The Architect’s Master Class is a 5 days training, and is the ultimate resource for the professional architect. The class has three parts, on process, technology & SOA, and the IDesign method for analysis and design. The class shows the architect how to take an active leadership role on all three aspects, as a continuum, since when executing a design, one cannot separate process from design from technology – all three have to work in concert. While the class shows how to design modern systems, it sets the focus on the ‘why’ and the rationale behind particular design decisions, often shedding light on poorly understood aspects. You will see relevant design guidelines, best practices, and pitfalls, and the crucial process required of today’s modern architects.

About Juval Lowy

Juval Löwy, the founder of IDesign, is a master software architect specializing in system and project design.

Juval has mentored hundreds of architects across the globe, sharing his insights, techniques, and breakthroughs, in architecture, project design, development process, and technology. Recognized by Microsoft as one of the world’s top experts and industry leaders, he participated in internal strategic design reviews for C#, WCF and related technologies and was named a “Software Legend.”

He has published several bestsellers and numerous articles on almost every aspect of modern software development and his latest book is Righting Software, where he presents the proven, structured, and highly engineered approach to software design. Juval speaks frequently at major international software development conferences and offers Master Classes around the world--teaching thousands of professionals the skills required of modern software architects and how to take an active role as design, process, and technology leaders.


Any architect, project lead or senior developer would benefit greatly from the class.


 Zürich, Switzerland


4150 EUR +VAT per person

Group pricing options available.

Contact us for more details.

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