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IDesign Europe focuses on the design and architecture phases of software development with our architecture consulting and project design. As such we are unique in the industry, and have attained a unique position of industry leadership and reputation.

We believe that the technical aspects of design and architecture are inseparable from the people that need to successfully deliver, and so we offer our customers the world-renowned Master Classes on the skills required of modern software architects and project leaders and their professional growth.

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Organisational design is the alignment of the whole organisation to the CEO’s vision playing to its strengths and weaknesses, a balancing act that makes the organisation more attractive to customers and very effective at delivery. It is having a team of quarterbacks with the determination to win at your disposal. This is a strategic delivery process with methods of testing and proving your next steps. We expect to be measured by sales growth and overall efficiency.


IDesign Europe architecture consulting engagements are short, dedicated, effective and very intense. The goal is to produce some 40-60 design diagrams depicting the various design aspects of the system, including definition of services and logical tiers, allocation to assemblies, run-time processes, identity management, security authentication and authorization, transaction management, and thread synchronization. Developers can then simply use these diagrams as the system’s blueprint and continue to construct the system.Our engagements are typically 2 to 5 days in duration, where we review the product requirements and architecture, provide feedback or a new design, and work with the lead developer or architect on a vertical slice implementation of the architecture.


Project Recovery is the stern and ruthless process of saving a stranded project from canceling. If you are afraid of hurting people’s feelings Project Recovery is not for you. Not all projects can or should be saved.
Project Recovery will set the project back on schedule, on budget and on quality. This will often require negotiating a new schedule that is calibrated to what the team can deliver. A new scope will be set. Something is better than nothing.
Project Recovery is a limited time period of strong intervention. The goals are to stop hemorrhaging and deliver on a new date and scope. In this Project Design will be key. The project will be manageable, and faith will be restored across the stakeholders.
The Recovery Mindset implies regaining control. Decisive action is key often requiring big changes. Time for tweaks has long passed. Here common best practices do not work since they are mostly in the preventative domain. Recovery is a short-term bridge from despair to delivery.
If you suspect your project is in need of recovery we will help you evaluate the state of the project and assess whether the project is a recovery candidate. For more information contact Jarkko Kemppainen.


The objective of Project Design is to determine the best overall plan which balances architecture, schedule, cost, resources and risk. It eliminates gambling on feasibility, death march, wishful thinking and expensive trial and errors. IDesign Europe's project design consulting engagement is a week-long, effective and efficient way of designing the project required to build your software system. IDesign Europe will help your project manager and architect produce not one project plan, but several plans representing different project design options. Each of these options is a structured, comprehensive and objective combination of schedule, cost, and risk. It is then up to the project manager and the architect to present these options to management and to recommend the best project design option. IDesign Europe will show you how to correctly handle changes to priorities, resources, deadlines, estimations and features, allowing you to constantly stay on schedule and on budget.


An architect who will work part or full time on a solution, mostly remote, becoming intimately familiar with the requirements and architecture. This enables the architect to help modify or supplement the architecture, and guides through on-going detailed design decisions. The architect is often instrumental in the project plan design and implementation choices.The options are : Interim Chief Architect - mentoring new architecture teams, Design Review ,Project Design, Detailed Design and Team Pilot -guide a team from initial design and planning through production delivery, doing everything "the right way", fully leveraging IDesign' s expertise across process, design and technology (often coupled with Interim Chief Architect).


The role of the architect or a CTO is a lonely one. Finding a coach who can truly spar with you as an equal is not available at your organization. This is the reason you rose to the top in the first place. IDesign Europe takes on 4 mentees per year for an intense year-long mentoring program. You will be assigned to an IDesign architect in a 1:1 ratio in a true apprenticeship manner. We will ensure that the skills and the habits mentioned in the AMC are ingrained in you. For more information contact Jarkko Kemppainen.


IDesign Europe can perform a comprehensive design review of the current state of the architecture and provide an expert's opinion on the architecture, the use of technology, your development process and even alignment with the business goals. A comprehensive review will also provide guidance on the many smaller fine-grain design decisions that developers will have to make throughout your project's lifecycle. A current-state design review is an essential first step toward formalizing a clear strategy forward. We provide detailed report listing not just our recommendations but also priority sorting and skeletal action plan.


Juval Lowy the Master Architect


June 24-28, 2024

IDesign principal Juval Lowy conducts this unique opportunity for the professional software architect, mastering the skills and techniques required of today's modern software architects.


Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Juval Lowy BW.webp


November 11-15 2024

IDesign principal Juval Lowy conducts this unique opportunity for the professional software architect, mastering the art of Project Design.


Location: Zurich, Switzerland

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To obtain additional information about our services and training classes, please send us a message.

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Jarkko Kemppainen Principal of IDesign Europe


Principal IDesign Europe

The winter war, Thermopylae, the mythical man-month, for Jarkko it is all the same. Software is war. With proper planning, design, preparation and the creation of great team morale magnificent outcomes can be realized with minimal resources. With over 30 years of experience in software and an equal amount of time in the martial arts Jarkko has merged these two paths into one way in the IDesign Method. Today Jarkko is the Principal and Chief Architect of IDesign Europe where he specializes in system design, project design, and project recovery. A leader of men, mentor and an inspirer, Jarkko personifies all that is good about IDesign: professional integrity, passion, dedication, and a unique set of skills honed for years under the tutorage of the IDesign Masters. Jarkko's experience spans police force, government, education, automotive, financial and gaming industries. He has created user groups specialized in Software Architecture and Project Design in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland with plans for creating more all over Europe. Expect to see him and hear him speak in a city near you.

Koen Mannaerts

Koen Mannaerts

Master Architect

Research, business design, system design, project design are fundamental aspects every engineering discipline applies to get to a suitable solution to a problem. Most of these aspects are missing in software projects nowadays. This leads to inefficiencies, bad quality code, inadequate architecture, schedule slippage and a lot of wasted money and talent. As the driving force behind innovation the software industry must regain a real engineering rigor.


Koen helps teams and organizations integrate business design, system design, project design back into their development practice. As process and design lead he gives people clear guidance in their pursuit to change team trajectory, meet company goals and ultimately change their careers.


Koen has over 10 years of experience in software and has guided teams in different industries ranging from industrial automation to financial industry to health care, from startups to international companies, in the role of architect, advisor and chief architect.


Although every project is a team effort, everything starts with the individual. A person who is able to put in the work, thinks like an engineer and applies engineering processes. Change management skills and a healthy life-style are crucial to make this transition successful.

Max Zeier


Master Architect

Every system, every project, and every challenge is an opportunity for Max to help individuals, teams and organizations grow. With solid engineering principles, battle-proven development processes and a strong focus on quality and accountability, Max enables teams to unleash their full potential and to build systems that deliver true business agility. Leveraging the vast IDesign knowhow of system design, project design, project recovery and technology, Max adds leadership and his passion for Software and people to the mix to develop the capabilities which are most relevant in a given context. With more than 15 years of experience as a software developer, project lead, team lead, and software architect, Max continuously hones his skills and mentors software architects around the world in their quest to continuously improve. Max also organizes local community events for software architects which have become very popular and which are fully booked on a regular basis.

Andrew Bird


Master CIO

Andrew is a fearless warrior of change. Using the laws of physics and sheer bloody mindedness Andrew takes the 97 activities required for delivering software and automates them. Delivering 12x times FASTER outcomes becomes normal when you have mechanized the process where others still believe it’s a black art. We have been in the software crisis for 50+ years doing the same processes with no tools and the same people and expecting different results. Didn’t Einstein say that was the definition of stupidity?
Designing organizations, is a by-product of learning systems architecture. As is de-coupling the dependencies of complex activities, turning them into parallel tasks. Don’t accept the old way of working as acceptable but define a new one. Differentiate your organization by using technology to create an un-fair advantage. Take a gun to a knife fight, and win.

Jeff Doolittle


Master Architect

As a Master Architect with over 20 years of industry experience, Jeff Doolittle helps make good software engineers great. His passion, resolve and can-do attitude are contagious.

In addition to architectural mastery, Jeff has completed a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership, a discipline which focuses on the techniques of leadership replication. An inspiring teacher and leader, anyone who has had the opportunity to work with or be mentored by him will confirm that working with Jeff has made them better software engineers, architects and leaders.

Beth Siron


Operations, IDesign Worldwide

At IDesign our mission is to change how software is built. We win or we learn and after we have learned we teach. This commitment to spreading excellence is what attracted Beth to join IDesign in 2012. Since then Beth's focus has been you, the aspiring architect. Over the years she has guided hundreds of senior developers and architects in their own path of excellence finding the right training, mentors, organizations and connections to further your careers.
The most important and most overlooked aspect in training of architects is project design. You can only succeed as an architect if you actually deliver on your promises and projects. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that Beth is also a teacher and a tutor in IDesign way of Project Design.

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