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The Master Class begins by revealing Microsoft’s motivation for creating the Service Fabric and the need for an integrated platform for both development and operations. The class then dives deep into every aspect of the Service Fabric’s programming model including microservices and actors. Through detailed lecture and numerous instructor-led hands on labs you will learn how to program each aspect of the Service Fabric. Along the way, you will gain insight into key design decisions, best practices and pitfalls.

About Michael Montgomery
Michael ‘Monty’ Montgomery is a Master Architect with IDesign, focusing on distributed computing, enterprise system architecture, and SOA. Monty has over 20 years of software-engineering experience, ranging from real-time control systems, to scientific applications, to healthcare. For over half his career Monty has been practicing the art of software-architecture, ultimately leading several successful “SOA Revolutions”. Monty’s passion is helping organizations deliver successfully through the expert application of modern process, practice, and technology.



Stockholm, Sweden


3300 EUR +VAT per person

Group pricing options available.


Any .NET developer or architect would benefit greatly from the Service Fabric Master Class. Basic familiarity with C# 4.6 and system programming is recommended.

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