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June 8-12 in 2020 - Stockholm

The class focuses on modeling architectures using Azure Functions. The model of the architecture is what in the IDesign Method is known as the Vertical Slice.

The class works through three real-world case studies. We discuss the chosen architectures, the volatilities that lead to the architectures and how the chosen approach encapsulated the identified volatile areas. We then show how the vertical slices were built using Azure Functions. We end the week with an Architecture Clinic where we design the system including the Vertical Slice using the IDesign Method.

The Class provides a hands-on, interactive, instructor lead environment for practicing and refining your skills in the craft of architecture modeling. After you decomposed the system and derived the appropriate services using The IDesign Method, the critical next step in the design phase of your project is to validate the architecture by building a working model. 

Through a series of individual and team-based exercises taken directly from real world systems, the Azure Functions Master Class will teach you modern, best practice techniques in architecture modeling based on real world scenarios. IDesign architects have collected and refined these techniques firsthand over many years of designing and building systems for our customers. 

About Jarkko Kemppainen
Jarkko Kemppainen is the principal of IDesign Europe.


Stockholm, Sweden


3700 EUR +VAT per person

Group pricing options available.


Any architect, senior lead or developer would benefit greatly from the Master Class.

Contact us for more details.

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