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Create your own architectural design methodology and process based on first principles

Boards don't hit back. Any methodology followed rigidly will soon end up becoming a classical mess of organized despair. This is true of all the current architecture paradigms and any other methodology followed blindly.

"It is not the style, it is the fighter."

In this class you will create your own vision and practice for how software should be built based on first principles.

You can bring an existing design paradigm (BYOD) and innovate upon it or start completely from scratch You will learn what is required to create an effective notation system that is comprehensive and understandable by your peers and team members. You will learn how to present and market your approach and make the methodology your unique strong selling point.

Like with the Leadership Program we begin with a 7 day immersion followed by 100 days of biweekly mentoring and support.


Havsvidden Resort, Åland Islands

October 4-9 2020 (7 days)


6000 EUR


Graduates of the Leadership course. Architects who aspire to join IDesign Europe.

Pre-screening: Must be willing to undergo personality assessment and IQ test.

Contact us for more details.

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