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August 5-9 in 2019 - Stockholm

The IDesign Detailed Design Clinic provides a hands-on, interactive, instructor lead environment for practicing and refining your skills in the craft of contract factoring. After you decomposed the system and derived the appropriate services using The IDesign Method, the critical next step in the design phase of your project is to come up with the correct service contracts and data contracts for your services and microservices. Through the guidance of an IDesign Master Architect, participants will not only depart with expertise in advanced contract factoring rationale and techniques but also with the detailed designs for the services of the select systems we work on.

Through a series of individual and team-based exercises taken directly from real world systems, the Detailed Design Clinic will teach you modern, best practice techniques in service and data contract factoring based on real world scenarios. IDesign architects have collected and refined these techniques firsthand over many years of designing and building systems for our customers. The resulting detailed designs have withstood the test of time across users and environments. During the individual and team-based exercises the students will practice detailed design and then present and explain the rationale behind their detailed designs to a technical audience of their peers and subordinates. These presentations help participants cultivate the essential “soft skills” that are so important to successfully conveying a design. In normal day-to-day work, this type of knowledge and insight can take many years to attain. The Clinic will shorten your learning curve and provide a perfect forum for focused, high caliber discussions and mentorship.

About Michael Montgomery
Michael ‘Monty’ Montgomery is a Master Architect with IDesign, focusing on distributed computing, enterprise system architecture, and SOA. Monty has over 20 years of software-engineering experience, ranging from real-time control systems, to scientific applications, to healthcare. For over half his career Monty has been practicing the art of software-architecture, ultimately leading several successful “SOA Revolutions”. Monty’s passion is helping organizations deliver successfully through the expert application of modern process, practice, and technology.



Stockholm, Sweden


3300 EUR +VAT per person

Group pricing options available.


Any architect, senior lead or developer would benefit greatly from the clinic. Prior experience with the IDesign Method or attendance of the Architect's Master Class is required.

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