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February 10-14, 2020 - Stockholm

The Architecture Clinic is designed to guide and accelerate your exposure to the practices of modern software design. It is a 5 day highly interactive event where you will learn, improve, and exercise software architecture skills, all based on the IDesign Method – a breakthrough, battle-proven approach to software architecture that has shown up to 80% reduction in the effort and time required for architecting, designing, and implementing software solutions. Through its application, it produces an easy-to-follow blueprint for the construction of a software system, while covering all the important aspects involved.

During the Clinic, you will architect several systems, most of them based on real-world problems brought in by the Clinic’s participants (and you may offer a system for the team to work on as well, which could be a nice side benefit). Through guided practice, you will exercise the IDesign Method and become proficient at it - the Clinic will be run by an IDesign Master Architect who will teach you the thought process and the rationale behind the design decisions. Along the way we will walk you through the steps of the IDesign Method, share insight, inform best practices, and also help develop the “soft skills” that are so important to success such as customer interview and design review presentation. In normal day-to-day work, this type of knowledge and insight can take many years to attain. The Clinic will shorten your learning curve through our years of deep industry experience, and provide a perfect forum for focused, high caliber discussions and mentorship.

This Clinic will be lead by Jarkko Kemppainen.





3300 EUR + VAT per person. Discounted group pricing options available. If your company sends a group of 3 participants, we can offer an added benefit of having your group bring a system of your own to be designed during the clinic.


Any architect, project lead or senior developer would benefit greatly from the class.

Contact us for more details.